Weary of Worry

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

Is worry wearing you down? Are you weary of worry?
“Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavily laden & I will give your rest.” says Jesus. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you.
Worrying never solves the problem, it only robs the present of peace & joy. Worry is one of the ways that fear shows up. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear wears you down & wears you out. Fear & worry drain your energy, make you weary & rob you of hope. “Fear not for I AM with you,” or similar warnings against fear appear over 360 times in the Bible. That is a clue revealing how dangerous worry & fear are. The US military did a study that discovered that over 95% of the things we worry about never happen. So even on the natural level worry is a terrible waste of time & energy.
Are you weary of worry & worn down by worry? Stop now by an act of your will. Let God have your cares. He created this amazing universe by His Word; He can certainly take care of you & whatever you are facing. Trust in Him & let His love wash away the weariness of worry; let Him replace it with joyful hope & blessed assurance that He is with you to see you thru to success & victory.
Remember, there is One Saviour & you are not it. Put it all in the hands of Jesus Who is the Saviour, the one Mediator between Father God & you. Trust Him and be no longer wearied by worry.

You can’t change anything or anyone by worrying or giving in to anxiety, fear & doubt. These negative attitudes & emotions harm your spiritual well-being and harm your mental, emotional & physical health also.
That loved one who has you so concerned & tied up in knots; be aware that your worry releases negative effects in their life & in yours. You are not the saviour, only Jesus is, so trust that loved one to His love & care. In His Name cancel the enemy’s wicked assignments against them. Declare that the good and perfect plans of God will be fully accomplished in their lives. Call them out of darkness into the wonderful light of God.
If worry fear or doubt show up, ‘return to sender.’ They don’t belong in your life. Think positive thoughts; speak positive words, especially God’s Word. God’s Word is alive & effective so immerse yourself in His Word. Romans 10:17 tells us, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”
Be wearied by worry no more; rather have joyful hope touched with glory.
Weary of worry or worry free? You choose.

“If you allow yourself to be wearied by worry you greatly reduce your faith & ability to perceive & receive the wonderful gifts & graces that I have for you. Worry is the enemy’s tool, akin to fear, that leads to doubt that I can & will help you & use you. Faith is vital for you. As Paul said, “What matters is faith working thru love.” Love is an essential ingredient in activating & strengthening your faith & in casting out all fear & worry. When you truly know the depth & power of My love for you, fear & worry will flee from you. When you know My love & what I have created you to be, you will no longer be wearied by worry. On the contrary, you will become boldly, confidently expectant in faith. Your audacious faith will burst forth & be manifested in the miracles, signs & wonders I AM so eager to pour out upon & thru My people.
Unlike the world you are not called to whine & complain; no! You are called to rule & reign on My behalf in the here & now of your life, to rule & reign in the circles of influence & territories I have assigned to you & will assign to you in days to come. Start by ruling & reigning over every ugly false fear & worry that tries to deceive you. They are not My will for you. Resist & rebuke them immediately; do not give them even a moment’s credence. My will is for you to be a person of overcoming faith among a people of overcoming faith, a worry free people, a people who rule & reign as I have commanded you to do. I have made you prophets, priests & kings/queens. Exercise the authority & power I have delegated to you.
Be weary of worry no more. Rather be a warrior who causes the enemy to tremble with worry & fear as you rule & reign by love & overcoming faith!”



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