Spiritual Checkup Saturday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

Lord, search my heart & motives; show me what is there: the evil to uproot & remove it; the good, pure & lovely to increase it even more. Lord, You alone truly know our hearts. That is why we must come to You for a spiritual checkup. Reveal what is really in me that I may gain wisdom of heart. Purify me & remove from me all that is not of you. Purify & enhance all that is of You & add more to it that I may be pleasing to you in all that I am, desire & do.
Lord, please do a thorough spiritual checkup for me so that I become more deeply converted to You & Your ways, more radically transformed into all that You have created and destined me to be. Probe me & purify me thru and thru. Probe me & show me the excuses I have accepted & the faults I don’t even recognize. Show me, heal & purify me of anything that keeps me from being completely yours. Heal in me those things that most cause me to hurt others.
Lord, I welcome your spiritual checkup of me & the good spiritual fruit it will bring in my life. Thank you, Lord, my God!
Do a through spiritual checkup & cleanup in me.”
(Isaiah 1:16-18; Micah 6:8)

“A regular spiritual checkup is important to make certain that you keep progressing. ‘ Catch the little foxes’ as has been said. Catch & eliminate the little problems before they multiply & grow bigger. Just as it is easier to remove & control weeds when they are small, so it is easier to correct & remove small faults & wrongdoing than larger well established ones.
A regular spiritual checkup & appropriate corrective action will eliminate much pain & suffering in your life & keep you from being a cause of pain & grief to others. Far better is quick decisive correction than delayed action that can result in major painful ‘surgery’ on problems that have been allowed to grow big & become rooted. Catch & correct faults as soon as they spring up. Don’t give them any chance to grow bigger.
Yes, come to Me for regular spiritual checkups & spiritual cleansing and purification. You will be glad when you do for it will keep you from serious error & sin & will keep you in close fellowship with Me, the Lord your God.”

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