Formidable God Friday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“Only in God is my soul at rest, from Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be disturbed at all. (Ps 62:1-3)”
Our God is an awesome God, an ever present help in time of need. There is no one like Him. He is the only God, the Almighty. Great and powerful is He, a formidable force against the enemy. He is at my side so I shall not fear. He directs my steps in the way of righteousness; He is my refuge and fortress, my shield and defence. In Him I am safe for He is the mighty formidable God.
Trust in Him at all times. He is a mighty, formidable God, gloriously victorious.

“Yes, I AM formidable because I AM almighty. It is good for you to know and believe that deeply, to know that the enemy is no threat to Me at all. The pip squeak makes a lot of noise to try to scare you. Do not give in to fear, rather remind him of his defeat. Remind him that I AM with you and I AM on your side.
When Jesus died on the cross satan thought he had won, that he had defeated My plan. Hah! Jesus rose gloriously triumphant, stripping satan of power and the keys of death and hell. Jesus was formidable in His resurrection victory. His victory is for you; His victory is your victory.
When Jesus was raised from the dead believers were raised with Him and in Him. I have seated the born again believer in heavenly places, in the position of victory, authority and power.
Use what I have given to you in Jesus. Be a formidable warrior Victor like Him!”




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