Toss the Timidity Thursday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“I have said over & over again, ‘Fear not for I AM with you.’ Do not be timid or hesitant to speak out for Me or step out for Me. When I give you something to say or do, I also give you the grace to do it, so step out in obedient faith. Don’t be timid; trust Me!
As I said at your recent prayer meeting, ‘When you step out and have tried to do something I asked you to do & you think you have failed, I thank you for trying. Don’t be discouraged; you have learned something: you have gained wisdom & experience; you have proven your obedience. I thank you for being obedient & trying.’
I AM responsible for the results; your part is willing, trusting obedience. Keep stepping out for Me. As you do, I will bring forth the fruit of your obedience.
Toss the timidity and taste the triumph!”

Mass and Adoration:
– A challenge to fully live for Jesus and for others as He did.
– A challenge to share our faith and the Word of God with gentle holy boldness and with urgency. Now is the acceptable time; today is the day of salvation. Toss the timidity!
– Meditate on and live the Word of God; it will make you alive in the spirit and fruitful in the Lord.
– Share Jesus and the Word of God with others. Accept His challenge.

What a privilege, what an honour to be invited into Your holy presence, into Your glory! You are delighted to do so, delighted to have us come to You, Lord of all! You delight to call us Your children, Your beloved sons and daughters. My Lord, my God, Father, my Father! I love You! I need more of You manifested to me and through me. I need more of Your holy fire burning in me. I need to be on fire, hot for You, on fire with You! Lord, do set me ablaze with Your very self! I need You; I want You; I choose You, for You alone are God: Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Here I am; take all of me.

“What can we say after that? If God is for us, who can be against us? Is it possible that He Who did not spare His own Son but handed Him over for the sake of us all will not grant us all things besides? (Rom. 8:31-32)”
God is for us so we can be confident and toss out all timidity and hesitation. We can be bold and fearless: He is with us and for us. No one can withstand Him. He is our shield and fortress, our refuge and strength, our ever present help in time of need.
A song says it like this:
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow;
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because He lives!


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