Stand in Solidarity Saturday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“My people, stand in solidarity with one another as you stand in solidarity with Me. The disputes and divisions among you have gone on far too long. Stand in solidarity with Me and one another. Let Holy Spirit and My Word guide you into unity regardless of your differences and diversity. Let Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, lead you into all truth. You can learn from each other as you open your hearts and minds to each other. More importantly, you can receive insight and revelation from the Holy Spirit. He will lead you to truth and into unity.
Please don’t let your preconceived ideas of what that unity might look like be an obstacle to the way I will bring unity about. Be open to Me; listen carefully to Me; be attentive and obedient to Me. Be open to each other; be especially open to Holy Spirit leading you.
Be part of the answer to My prayer for unity among those who believe in Me.”

“Stand in solidarity with the less fortunate and the needy. See their needs as your own and do something about it.You can’t help them all, but if each of you, My disciples, do something they will all be taken care of. In blessing them you will be blessed. I will surely reward you.
Stand in solidarity; be a force to change the world. Stand in solidarity!”

“I stand in solidarity with My creation calling all back to Me. In Me is the fulfillment of all creation. Without Me no one and nothing is complete, but in Me all can become a new creation as I designed & desired from the beginning. There is no need for anyone to stand alone & unsupported; I AM available, just come to Me & let us stand together in solidarity.
Remember that I AM for you who believe in Jesus My Son & in Me. I AM for you & I watch over you as a hedge of protection keeping you safe. Trust in Me. I AM solid in the goodness, grace & glory I created you to have & enjoy walking in.
Be at peace for I stand in solidarity with you. You are My beloved child in whom I AM well pleased and who I take care of.
Solidly let us live in solidarity together.”


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