Safe in His Arms Sunday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“You may have experienced one of your children, frightened by something, and running into your arms. There, as you held your child closely and spoke words of comfort, the child felt and was safe and protected. After a while the child wriggled out of your arms to happily go on, safe in the knowledge that you were near with your arms of love and safe protection.
So it is with you: situations in life may frighten you or overwhelm you. Like that child, run to Me, Abba Daddy. Let Me enfold you in My everlasting arms to protect & comfort you, to give you calm peaceful assurance. You are safe in My arms, snuggled close to My heart. There I speak words of love and comfort from My Heart to yours.
You were pleased when your child ran to your arms for protection; you were even more pleased when they came to your arms for no outward reason other than to say, ‘I love you’ and to receive your love.
Be like that child, not waiting for difficulty to push you into My loving arms. Come just to enjoy being together, loving and sharing our hearts. This Heart to heart fellowship in good times will give you confidence in difficult times.
You are safe in My everlasting arms of love. Come!”

“I AM the great I AM. You are safe in My arms of love; you are safe in Me. No matter what happens to My people, they are safe in My arms. I deliver them out of distress. Yes there are difficulties, disappointments, and trials in life. Always I AM there with you with My arms open wide to welcome you, comfort you, protect you & care for you. Even when terrible things do happen like the martyrdom of so many of My people, I AM there. They died to this world faithful to Me even onto death; now they are with Me in My glory.
They were faithful onto death just as I was faithful onto death on the cross.

Be safe in My arms, invite Me to be your Saviour & Lord; repent of your sins, ask Me to forgive all your sins & to give you the grace to sin no more. Ask Me to baptize you in the Holy Spirit, to give you a personal experience of Pentecost and give you the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Then you will be safe in My arms & in the arms of Abba, Daddy. That is where We want you to be, where We invite you to be: safe in Our everlasting arms, in our love and care for you. Safe forevermore!”



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