Winning Wednesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“Thanks be to God who always brings triumph to us in Christ Jesus, and who manifests the fragrance of His knowledge through us in every place. (2 Cor. 2:14)”
“Victory, resurrection victory is Mine forever! My victory is your victory. Because I won, you my disciples are winning also. At all times remember this and let it give you hope and determination to press on to victory, especially during those times when it seems you aren’t winning. You only lose if you give up. I have won; therefore you are winning.
Your victory is assured because I have already won and in Me you also win. Don’t give in to fear and doubt; don’t give in; don’t give up. My victory is your victory.
You are winning!”

We’ve probably all heard the saying, “I read the end of the Book and we win!” Yes we do win providing we remain faithful to Jesus, our Victor King.
We win because Jesus has won His forever victory & we are in Him. Ephesians 2:6 declares, “And He has raised us up together with Christ, and He has caused us to sit together in the heavens in Christ Jesus.”

We are in Christ, seated with Him in the place of victory, the place of authority and power. We have been given the Blood, Body & Name of Jesus, His power and authority and the right to use them to rout the enemy and cast him out. We are winning and in Jesus we keep on winning, and we have the assurance that we win in the end. The Book says so!

Be the winner Jesus has called you to be in Him!

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