Sanctify Sunday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.”
The Jews, our forefathers in faith, were instructed to keep the Sabbath, the seventh day, holy because on the seventh day God rested from His work of creation. He commanded the Sabbath rest as a necessary good for us, a day to remember and give praise for all the good He has done for us and continues to do for us. It is also important to our spiritual, mental and physical health to take a break. This is another reason God commanded the Sabbath rest.
Jesus Christ rose again from the dead on the first day of the week, Sunday. That is why Christians keep Sunday as our special day of worship and rest. We are to set aside regular activities and focus on the Lord, attend church services, pray and worship as families and faith communities.

“Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.”

“I, the Lord God, am holy. The day of rest is My ordinance given for your good. I know daily life can be hectic and distract you from realizing that I AM with you always. The day of rest is your opportunity to be still and draw near to Me, a day to be particularly mindful of My love for you in sending Jesus for your salvation, deliverance , sanctification, restoration & wholeness. It is a day to remember Jesus, all He has done for you and made available to you.
Precious child, do sanctify Sunday as a day holy unto Me. Set aside worldly pursuits on this My holy day, the day Jesus rose from the dead, glorified forever. Remember that when Jesus rose from the dead, you who believe in Him were raised up with Him.”

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