Fully Engaged Friday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“I fully engaged Myself in My mission of mercy: to seek and save the lost.. I held nothing back, even being born as a helpless baby to share the human condition and to give a human face to the face and the love of God. I was fully engaged and obedient to the Father even to the point of accepting the cruel torture and death on the cross. In the pits of hell I fully engaged the forces of satan, sin and death in the battle for the life of souls. No human words can properly express the enormity of this battle for the eternal destiny of souls from creation to the end of time.
You know the result: I rose gloriously triumphant on the third day! I took captivity captive, breaking the power of sin, sickness, death, hell and the grave. I was fully engaged, fully committed, and I rose fully victorious, the Source of eternal salvation for ALL who believe in Me and live according to My ways.
I remain fully engaged and fully committed to the salvation of the multitudes.Work with Me, fully engaged!”

“I called My disciples to be fully engaged in continuing My mission. ‘Go make disciples of all the nations’ I commanded them before I ascended into heaven fully glorified. My disciples, though fearful, were fully engaged and fully committed. They began by gathering together in prayer until the Holy Spirit sovereignly burst upon them at Pentecost and empowered them to boldly launch out as He led and empowered them. Holy Spirit brought them into the fullness of the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Filled with the Holy Spirit and power they fully engaged in the new move He was bringing about. Fully engaged, fully committed and full of the Holy Spirit, they were wonderfully effective in bringing multitudes to salvation, deliverance, holiness and wholeness. They testified to Me with healings, miracles, signs and wonders – the fullness of what I had promised.
Now My beloved, it is YOUR TURN to be fully engaged, fully committed, fully effective by the fullness of the Holy Spirit in you. I send you; go in My name; go! I AM fully for you; be fully for Me!”

Fully engaged or only partially committed?
Search me, Lord. I choose to be fully engaged in Your mission and to be fully committed to You and Your mission. Give me the graces necessary to succeed in Your plans for me. Thank You, Jesus.


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