I Thirst Thursday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“On the cross I said, ‘I thirst!’ My thirst was for more than water to quench My physical thirst. My thirst was to return to the Father in heaven and hear His ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’ as He showed Me the multiplied millions who would join us because of My obedience even to death on the cross and their faith in Me. Every soul that repents and puts their faith in Me as Saviour and Lord is like refreshing waters to Me. Every life transformed by grace and the power of the Holy Spirit brings great joy to Me.
I thirst for the deliverance and salvation of the billions who have not yet come to Me! I thirst for their destiny to be fulfilled in Me.
I thirst!

“I thirst! You, My people, do you thirst for souls as I thirst? Thirst for ALL to come to Me and to the sheepfold of the church. Thirst and let that thirst impel you into heart-felt intercession for them to come to Me and have eternal life in Me. Stand in the breach on their behalf; pray for them!
I thirst! Be for Me an intimate disciple and close friend. Reach out to the lost, lapsed, lazy, resistant and the deceived. Reach out to them in prayer and praise, in your loving words and action that they may come to Me in faith. Each one who comes to Me not only receives new life and forgiveness of sin, but also helps quench My thirst for all to be saved and come to know the truth.
Let the life-giving waters of the Holy Spirit pour out of you to water souls that do not even know that their thirst is for Me. Stand in the gap for them to come to the saving knowledge of Me and to be filled with the same Holy spirit rivers of life.
I thirst. Thirst with Me. work to quench My thirst for souls to be saved and set free.”

“I thirst for souls to be saved. I thirst for Holy Spirit revival. I have come to cast fire on the earth and how I desire that it were already ignited and blazing brightly! I AM eager for revival fires to break out all over the world, yes, even in unexpected places. The world needs to be set ablaze for the one true God, the time is ripe for ‘spontaneous combustion’ from heaven. This holy fire will test, purify and renew those who will cooperate with it.
My thirst will be quenched as the fire of the Holy Spirit breaks out suddenly in every continent, country, city and place. No one, no place is beyond My power to save and set free. No darkness can resist My glorious Light! I AM the Light of the world. I AM Saviour, Lord and Messiah and I release revival fires all over the world. Be set ablaze with zeal for Me and for My purposes to be fully accomplished in and by everyone. Call it forth to quench My thirst for souls.
I thirst and I AM doing something about it! Work with Me.”

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