Tips for Prayer Tuesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

Personal prayer is more than merely “saying” prayers. Real prayer is time spent talking with God in your own words, conversational prayer. This includes listening, not doing all the talking. Formal prayers can be prayer starters, but our aim should be to speak with God as we would with a close trusted friend. Avoid “religious” language.
Be open & honest; He knows your heart. Be vocal, praying out loud so you can hear yourself & fill the atmosphere with your faith-filled prayer. Pray out loud, not LOUD.
It is important to keep a prayer journal. What have you shared with the Lord? What has He said to you? Asked of you? Promised to you? A monthly review of your journal will help you and your spiritual director gauge your progress & where the Lord is leading you.
God bless you as you let Him lead you in prayer adventures.

Prayer: regular, daily
Place: a set place, a prayer chair or prayer room
Presence: be truly present to the Lord, set aside distractions, be aware of His presence
Peace: let His peace enfold you and guide you
Perseverance: keep at it so as to build the habit of prayer
Positive: have an expectant grateful attitude
Praise: praise God for what He does and for what He will do; worship Him for who He is
Ponder: the Word in Scripture and in what He speaks to your heart
Productive: as you continue in regular daily prayer, you will experience bearing good fruit.

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