Visibly Evangelized Wednesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

If a person has been evangelized and has responded to the Good News of Jesus Christ it should show in ways that others will notice. What does a properly evangelized person look like?
1- Is in love with Christ because they have experienced His love and merciful forgiveness.
2- Their priorities, interests and activities have changed.
3- Their conversation has changed. They have Jesus on their mind.
4- They have a hunger for the Word of God, prayer and praise.
5- They want to celebrate the Lord and the good things of the Lord.
6- They want to share with others what God has done for them. They want others to have similar experiences of God’s goodness.
7- Expectancy has taken hold of them: they expect God to speak and to act; they expect God to answer prayer.
8- They have an overriding enthusiasm about the faith and eagerness to share it with others.
“If we do not live our faith enthusiastically, we should question whether we have any.” (Pope Paul VI)
The Church is supposed to be an evangelizing church using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

When a person has heard and responded to the Good News of salvation thru faith in Jesus and has experienced a life-changing encounter with the living Lord Jesus it shows. There is an enthusiasm and eagerness to share Him with others, to tell what He has done for them. Their personality may soften and become more gentle and caring, bad habits end – some suddenly, others gradually, compulsive behaviors and addictions are broken and replaced by new ways of speaking and acting. There may be a sparkle in their eyes and a spring in their steps.
Jesus makes a big difference when He is invited to be Saviour and Lord. All praise and glory for His gifts of the new birth and new life in the Holy Spirit.



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