Merciful Like the Father Monday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

The Gospel reading (last) Sunday was from Luke 15: 11-32, the parable of the loving, merciful Father, otherwise known as the parable of the prodigal son.
The father gave the younger son what he asked for. Our heavenly Father likewise gives us freedom of choice, even at the risk that we might reject Him. He knows that sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Father never gives up on us. When the son came to himself and returned broken andrepentant, not considering himself worthy to be called son, the Father saw him while he was still far off and joyfully ran to embrace him. This tells us that the Father was praying and watching for his son to return. He didn’t give the son a chance to give his full confession, but immediately restored him to sonship and commanded a party to celebrate the son’s return as if from the dead.
Have you returned and given the Father reason to command a party to celebrate your return to Him? If not, do so now.
Having received mercy, let us then be merciful like the Father.

What awesome mercy the Father lavishly bestows on each of His children who choose to return home to His loving arms!
Each of us who have returned home to the Father are called to be merciful like the Father, not condemning those still outside, but actively praying and watching for their soon return home to the Father.
They may not yet believe like us, behave like us or dress like us, but we are to be open and welcoming to them to entice them to come home to the Father and to the abundant life He bestows thru His Son Jesus.
Be merciful like the Father!

“I have shown you mercy. Now I ask you to show mercy to others so that they may see My mercy thru you. What is My mercy? My mercy is best expressed in the call to repent of & turn away from sin & what leads to sin, the call to believe & actively live the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Mercy is not a laxity or indifference toward sin, quite the contrary. My mercy is a call to conversion & transformation thru My Word & My Holy Spirit. Mercy is My call to ongoing & deepening conversion & growth in holiness, a call to intimate union & communion with Me, God Almighty.
Mercy calls each person to radical conversion, commitment, transformation, & active participation in My plans & purposes. Mercy calls everyone to a new & abundant life of grace, a foretaste of the glory that awaits you in heaven.
Mercy is the cry of My heart: turn away from the paths that lead to eternal damnation, separation from Me. Mercy is the cry of My heart: come home to Me, come home to My love, forgiveness & restoration. Come receive My mercy, then go share My mercy with all those around you, all those within your circles of influence.
Be merciful as I, Father God, am merciful!”

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