Morning Prayer


Luke 10 38-42

Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11 and Grandmelina to 2!

I wake up in the mornings and I immediately start thinking of all the things that need to get completed that day.  I’m making lists in my head, then transferring them onto paper…first, so that I can prioritize and second, so I don’t forget anything.  I may be known to forget important things, and maybe to double book…

I have learned through trial and error that my day is much better and my mood is more pleasant if my day starts with prayer.

Morning prayer for me has taken different forms over the years.

When I was a teen/young adult, my day started with PRAY praise, repent, ask and yes to the Lord  – followed by LMNOP listen, message, New Testament reading, Old Testament reading, Proverbs reading.  I filled my journal and was pleased to look back on what was written and see how the Lord was working in my life.  There were often patterns and recurring words.

When I was dating my husband, we would meet for 7am mass (we lived almost an hour apart) at a central location.  We made sure to go to confession each of those mornings before mass started so that we would remain pure in our relationship to each other.  Even though we weren’t perfect, we were virgins when we got married.

When the kids were little, our church still had daily mass and I tried never to miss.  I needed all the graces I could get to remain focused on the Lord in my chosen vocation.  I love being a Mom but things can get overwhelming at times.  I wanted the kids to love Jesus and church as much as I do.  There was a time when it was just me and the kids and one older couple who would meet in our pastor’s home for mass during the winter months.

Now we have mass just on Sundays and Wednesdays but we’re there faithfully.

Even though rosary was always a part of our family’s life, it moved to the mornings to replace the lost morning mass.  Rosary is followed by each of us taking a quiet time with the Lord and filling our journals with scriptures and words (and pictures) to reflect His faithfulness to us.

Now that I no longer have babies to worry about, I try to get out in the mornings before family rosary (consisting of 5 mysteries) to walk and pray those other 15 mysteries of the rosary.  On the days that I do accomplish this, I am able to move beyond “saying” the prayers, to meditating on the mysteries and contemplating the Lord’s work in my life – with its joys and struggles.

Of course my prayer doesn’t end in the morning.  It only blossoms from there.  Now my spirit is looking for quiet words with the Lord all day long.

OVERWHELMED?  Then start with PRAY – Praise the Lord, Repent of the wrongs you have done, Ask the Lord to fill your needs and the needs of those around you, and say Yes to the Lord, giving Him permission to work in your life today.

The result is more laughter and more faith, having placed the Lord at the center of my day. My duties are performed with more joy and peace, having left my worries on the altar of the Lord.

God is good!




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