Homeschool – More than Books


Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11 and Grandmelina to 2!

We used to take Fridays off of “book learning” and do alternate kinds of learning.  Now we are more spur of the moment homeschoolers and we kind of go with the flow.  It could be any day of the week, or a couple in a row, and that’s an advantage of homeschooling.

Does it have to be a weekday?  NO – learning continues 7 days a week.

Does it have to be every week?  NO – don’t stress it out.  Life already has enough stress.

We need to guard against stress.  Being a mother is stressful and many homeschooling mothers burn out and give up.  Take some time to have some fun, or just sit back and relax and enjoy each other.


  • take an outing to a museum or art gallery
  • take a walk in the woods
  • go to a movie at the theatre
  • stay home and play games
  • take a tour of a shrine
  • have a pizza lunch and invite another homeschool family to join you
  • take in an amusement park
  • take a morning to finish that book together that is getting really interesting
  • visit an elderly relative
  • play frisbee at the park
  • take in story time at the library
  • join a homeschool co-op
  • do some early Christmas shopping
  • have a games day
  • take out the craft supplies and get creative
  • turn on the music and start dancing
  • take out some instruments and make a joyful noise
  • let the kids put on a skit using their stuffies
  • start exploring the internet together
  • write a story together
  • have a tea party and dress up
  • do an experiment
  • do some gardening
  • clean the toy room
  • host a mini olympics
  • go to a play
  • tell jokes
  • take in a sports game at the local high school
  • do a mini-retreat

There’s no limit to the possibilities!

What is your favourite “down day” adventure?


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