Eliminating Candida – Day 1, 2 and 3 – the Cleanse


Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11, and Grandmelina to 2!

I took a course of antibiotics recently and DIDN’T replenish my system with probiotics immediately. You think I’d know better by now. This is not my first time getting rid of yeast. Step 1, the cleanse – starting in earnest tomorrow. Already started changing my diet to minimize the candida die-off and starve the yeast.

I started changing my diet by reducing sugar and eliminating grains.  I started eliminating refined sugar, then fruit, next starchy vegetables.  Grains just generally make me feel yucky so they were easy to eliminate.  I usually don’t eat them at all, but we just finished Christmas.  Need I say more?

Tomorrow I will start my candida cleanse.  This will be a very strict diet to start killing off the yeast (candida).  I was checking my fridge to see what I have to work with.  I will make a soup with vegetable broth, onions, garlic, cabbage, celery and tomatoes.  This will be my main food during the cleanse.  I have a couple of cucumbers in the fridge and some celery sticks that I will be feasting on too.  I will also drink LOTS of water, take a tablespoon of coconut oil (a good anti-fungal) a couple of times a day, take oil of oregano (another anti-fungal) with water a couple of times a day, take some Swedish Bitters with my food and add in a fiber supplement before bed.  I might treat myself to a cup or two of herbal tea.

I’ll do this for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  At supper time on Saturday I will probably start adding salad and some white meat to my diet.  I will start taking my probiotics also at supper on Saturday, and take them during the next stage 4 times a day to help replace the yeast.

You can find lots of good cleanse ideas here at The Candida Diet.

The Cabbage Soup recipe I will be following is similar to this one.


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