Tales of Home…SNOW DAY! On a Sunday?

Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11 and Grandmelina to 4 1/2!

This is always the question in this weather, isn’t it? Very few make it, sometimes only those who live closest to the Church. We live right next door to our Church, so no problems for us. But our priest doesn’t. He lives in a nearby town and has 3 churches to serve. He can’t always make it when road conditions are bad, and today we are supposed to have a replacement retired priest who is driving even farther from his home. We should know soon enough if we will be having mass today.
Yes, we live in an old rectory in a small town. We bought our home over 17 years ago. I can always remember how long, because David will be turning 18 in March and he was the baby when we moved. And we moved on September 29th. I always remember this date because it is my sister’s birthday. Our home was built in 1885 and is a piece of local history.
What is it like living in an old rectory? Sweet! Six bedrooms. Two full baths and a half bath. A large kitchen, dining room and living room. Perfect for our family of 13. The larger dining room meant we didn’t have to eat supper in shifts anymore, and as the kids got older more could gather around the table to do their school lessons. The additional bedrooms meant fewer kids to a room. Our last house also had 3 bathrooms, but it is still very sweet. And red bricks. Old bricks have so much character.
But did I mention it’s an old rectory? So it came with old house challenges. That first winter we were sooo cold. No insulation. Blew some in the following summer. Much better. New windows came after a large tree blew down on our house in a storm. A blessing. House was still standing and thank you God nobody got hurt. We bought and installed the windows ourselves with the insurance money. No more old, brittle glass wooden windows. Another heating savings. Installed a gas furnace and got rid of the oil fired boiler. Another huge heating savings. Most of the brown panelling has been replaced with insulation and drywall and new paint. More recently, the orange shag carpet is gone. Looking better all the time! Roof is now metal so that we’ll never have to worry about it again. Then there is the basement. It flooded with a river that first Spring thaw. Now we’ve got it down to a smaller trickle. Unfortunately, we still have a wet basement every Spring. It’s build right on rock so we can’t get it better than it is, even with a sump pump and digging up around the house. Oh, well. I still love our house. And my husband, because he did all this for us. Isn’t he amazing? I am blessed beyond deserving. God is good.
And did I mention we live next to our Church? Yup. That is AWESOME! It is my home away from home. And small towns rock. I’ll tell you more about it soon. Right now I’ve got to go get everything and everybody ready for Church…just in case! HAPPY SUNDAY!

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