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Rosary: Sorrowful Mysteries

The rosary is broken down into 4 sets of 5 mysteries each. The SORROWFUL MYSTERIES are: 1)  The Agony in the Garden 2)  The Scourging at the Pillar 3)  The Crowning with Thorns 4)  The Carrying of the Cross 5)  The Crucifixion They are to be prayed on Tuesdays and Fridays, or daily with the other mysteries.

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Rosary Reflection: Agony in the Garden

Alone. This is how I feel.  In a family of 13 I feel alone, because I feel like I’m on my walk of faith alone.  I think it’s a common enough problem and it’s called “teenagers.” I feel disconnected from family, from friends and even from my husband.  Yet I find my prayer life increasing …

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Stations of the Cross

This video series by Busted Halo will help me to pray the stations of the cross and meditate on them.  I’m hoping it will result in my praying the stations of the cross more often with the kids – but right now I need to start the devotion and what better time to start than …

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